Playhouse Operating Committee

The Mount Gretna Playhouse

The Mount Gretna Playhouse

The Operating Committee was formed in 1996 following the rebuilding of the new Mount Gretna Playhouse. The Committee was established within the Arts Council and membership is composed of individuals from the greater Mount Gretna community. Their responsibility is to oversee all aspects of the management of the Playhouse. This includes improvements to the initial configuration of the building and the maintenance and upkeep over the life span of the building.

The Committee leases the Playhouse to Music at Gretna, Gretna Theater, and the Cicada Festival. In addition the Playhouse has been leased for other occasions by organizations such as the Lebanon Chapter of the Habitat for Humanity.

The Playhouse rebuilding was completed as a basic unit using the funds available for the opening dedication in time for the 1995 summer season. Since the opening, a continuing effort for improvement of the facilities was one of the main efforts of the Committee. Using additional funds over a ten-year interval a number of additional features were installed to make the new Playhouse a completely outfitted building for presentation of theater and music performances. Sources of those funds have included individual donation, grants from the The Mount Gretna Art Show, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and from friends of Mount Gretna.

Today the pride of the Mount Gretna community features improvements that include its own sound system improve permanent stage lighting system, and many physical improvements to the building that could not be accomplished from the funds available at the time of the dedication in 1995. For the 2005 season, the original stage was replaced and slightly expanded in depth. That step was necessary since the original stage was retained for the
rebuilt building in order to reduce the initial funding requirements.

The major goal of the Committee is to continue to maintain a facility in top condition through out it’s life in a manner reflective of the Mont Gretna
community. The Arts Council wishes to thank to community for the opportunity to serve as their representatives in this effort. We extend our thanks to the outstanding cooperation that has been received over the years from the entire Mount Gretna Community and to those many friends of Mount Gretna who visit each summer season.